Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to SEO:

  Search Engine Optimization is nothing just powering your website to pull the right traffic. Keyword research plays an important role in SEO. It is also one of the powerful tools in the digital marketing platform.

  Any website owner will like to get users who is really interested in buying their product / service, in order to achieve that goal Search Engine Optimization could help in identifying the right type of Customer.

  Thinking of ranking higher in Google / Fed up of more bounce rates, then this would be the time to perform an SEO Audit for your website. There are many agencies which provide good SEO services for your website.

  Perform an SEO Audit, find out where the website is lagging in performance, go ahead with Search Engine Optimization.

Identify your end users:

  1. The first step in SEO is understanding the objective of your product / service.
    1. If you have a website which only sells Pizza, a user who is interested in buying a burger will never turn up as a successful end user for you.
  2. Identify the type of customers and customer interests
    1. Try to identify the variety of people who would be interested in your product / service.
    2. A user who is interested in Organic food varieties will never find pizza interesting, but the whole intention of the two users will be eating / ordering online.

Keyword Research:

  1. Now as you have identified the objective and customer needs, next step would be keyword research
  2. Keyword research is one of the key things in SEO, try to get a keyword which will get you the right quality of traffic and also a good quantity of traffic.
  3. The first seed keyword you give as a input is the one which plays an important role in keyword research. As it will return similar keywords with similar relevance.

Content Developing:

  1. Without a strong compelling content you could never make an user to be engaged in your webpage
  2. Create a compelling content which will make the user to read what is in it.

User engagement:

  1. Once the user lands in your page, User experience will play a vital role in making the user stay in your website.
  2. The user should be able to navigate through the website hassle free, so that he will be engaged in the website.
  3. There is a high possibility that a user may leave the website if he is not able to find a relative content in your website
  4. So make sure that your webpage is concise and speaks up to the point

SEO should make sure that the content developed is rich in keywords. Focus keyword plays a vital role as the whole web page depends on the title. Related keywords can be added to the content but the meaning should not change when it is measured as a whole web page.

Implying images related to the content could help you in ranking factor. Images should be accompanied by rich alt text.

Make sure the website pages are clear in terms of Meta Title, Meta Description, Alt Tags, Heading tags.

All the URL’s of the website should be SEO Friendly, (I.E) the URL should be related to your focus keyword for each page.

Performance and Tracking:

After optimizing your website / pages, submit a XML sitemap file through Google search console.

If your website is developed on word press then you can go ahead with plugins which will create a XML file for your webpages. Such as

  1. Yoast SEO – one of the best wordpress plugin for Search Engine Optimization
  2. All in One SEO Pack – Helps you do all your SEO activities with one plugin and is also free

If your website runs on Jquery then there are many free websites which will help you in creating XML Sitemaps such as

  1. XML Sitemaps Generator – A free website, will create free XML files for your website

After generating XML file, submit your sitemap to Search Console at Sitemaps → Add / Test sitemap

Then Google will index the sitemap, there is no promised period for Google to index all your site pages, it may take from 2 days to 2 months.

Create a Analytics account for your website, to monitor your website performance, such as Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Position, Countries, Devices and many more etc…,

Google Analytics will also give you a clear view of your website performance across devices, countries, pages and even many more. It will also help you understand the demographic of the users entering your page.

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